Madoc Vanguard

The Madoc Vanguard is an Indie rock band based in Oswestry.

The name Madoc Vanguard is taken from a legend of a Welsh prince and according to folklore, discovered America 300 years before Columbus. Their rhythms and lively riffs, powerful lyrics are comparable to The Killers and Kaiser Chiefs and edge of Bloc Party.

They really had a awesome time playing at crash festival 2011 and loved the atmosphere too, and the crowd was amazing!

They’ve been together since 2008 and are working on the Ep now, no track chosen as yet.

They love to play Midnight Movies and describe it as dancy and gets you moving. Their music is like story telling and its easy to follow full of meaning.

They have a fresh crisp new flavour to their music and are extremely talented

When one of them gets an idea for a track they usually get together, collectively work on it and see how it goes, and then as if by magic it becomes a fresh new track and evolves.

They would love to play at Wembley, Reading and the Albert Hall “something with a roof lol it seems to always rain when we play”.

Their 1st track they played together was midnight movies, the’ve known each other for quite some time and all come from Oswestry and have been friends forever.

Ironworks was their 1st venue they played at in front of an audience “it’s a really good venue” they play there often its like a home for the band “We all buzz off each other and really enjoy playing our music together they’ve had full support from their families whom call them the vanguards”.

During the interview I must say they gave BIG love to their families and friends who supports them at most of their gigs.

Their promotion usually is done by other people and being seen at other venues and the Internet, they play at many different venues throughout Wales and that’s how Madoc Vanguard promotes themselves.

Look out for their new website some time in the future it’s very exciting stuff “THEY ARE A FUTURE BAND”

I asked them if they were to do a video who would they like to feature “we’d love to have Vikki blows and Rihanna” so ladies if your available to join them feel free to message them (“,)

Collectively to unwind they usually have a drink, a bit of salsa dancing and listen to music and hang out.

They love to make special dishes such as fajitas spag boll and Moroccan food (slow cooked) or cheat and have a take away.

If you’re starting out as a new band or trying to make in music what’s the best advice you can give? “Just have fun and love what you’re doing.

Make sure you get along with each other, you could have the best musicians, but if you can’t talk to each other it won’t work. You get what you put in, find the people you like and people you can hang with and someone who’s on the same wave length musically”.

They all don’t agree on the same music all the time, but they’re a good match especially when performing. What they agree on is middle ground and that works for them, it’s about finding the balance!

The band…. Rob Brown (vocals), Richard Watson (guitar), Siôn Stedman (bass) and Luke Middleton (drums, pads) All enquiries to:


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