The Wolf

Phildel :: World First Exclusive Easter event

We all love great music right? As we look forward to saying goodbye to Winter and hello to Summer, whatever you plan for a holiday or even a simple break, at some point in your day it will consist of music in one form or other. With so many artist’s and bands to choose from […]


I’m going to introduce you to an incomparable artist. Before I do that, I ask you to imagine for a quiet moment, the life of an acorn. Growing safely in the grasp of the mother tree. Suddenly separated and falling to the ground. Silently enduring the storms, the winters bitterness and all the elements of […]

Phildel :: ‘Storm Song’ Free Download

I simply love discovery. It’s a gateway to new things, new experiences and most importantly new music. Now usually I like to write full blown articles about the artist/s concerned, but on this occasion it’s really not necessary. Also I will say that you most likely have already heard Phildel’s music, you just don’t realize […]