Gabrielle Aplin :: ‘HOME’ New Video

Here is the delightful brand new video ‘HOME’ by Gabrielle Aplin.

The new version was filmed in America.

“The song isn’t about the house you live in or where you’re from. For me it’s about being with people you love, and appreciating it, even when its far away. I wrote Home when I moved away and felt lost” Gabrielle Aplin.

A while ago dwfMedia caught up with Gabrielle Aplin in Cardiff (S.Wales) the day she was signed to Parlophone Records.

Here’s a snippet “I don’t really know where home is and I’m everywhere, it’s the most recently written. I actually wrote the chorus a couple of years ago, so I’ve had it for a while. I’ve only recently finished it“…

Check out our interview with the lovely lady herself, right here on dwfMedia.

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