Ellie Goulding :: Interview

The delightful Ellie Goulding at Beach Break Live 2010.

During June she made her 1st appearance in South Wales while her hit single “starry eyed” stormed the U.K charts.

Many more hits followed, including her Number 1 debut album ‘Lights’.

LM : Did you enjoy the performance today?

E.G : “I’ve really had an awesome time here at Beach Break.

LM : Is this your 1st time in Wales and what do you think?

E.G : “The weather has been great it’s a nice location to play. Bit like a home to my roots kind of gig” (Ellie.G).

LM : What’s your favourite song from your album?

E.G : “My prefered song is ‘The Writer’ However all are special in there own way”

LM : Good Luck with your album and career.

E.G : “Awww thank you”

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