Rihanna :: Stay ft. Mikky Ekko

2nd not quite as popular yet still as captivating video below (you may not have see this one)

Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Also known by her stage name Rihanna. From Barbados. Now a well established recording artist and fashion designer. She began her career after meeting the New York based record producer/songwriter Evan Rogers in 2003.

I don’t usually cover mainstream, however I just had to cover this visual delight.

John Stephen Sudduth aka ‘Mikky Ekko’ is from Nashville United States. Recently releasing his stunning Debut single ‘Pull Me Down’ Produced by Clams Casino and Mikky Ekko. Causing quite a stir himself with almost half a million hits on his recently released video for ‘Pull Me Down’. Also check out the stunning tracks ‘Feels Like The End’ and ‘We Must Be Killers’.

For now this is where it’s all happening for Mikky featuring on Rihanna’s latest video ‘Stay’. This has to be RiRI’s sexiest ever video release.

Racking up a little over 31 million views to date. The emotions expressed in the video ‘Stay’ comes across so well and one that many can relate too, easily getting carried away during the four minutes of visual delight.

I don’t normally go into detail about what I think of the story in a video, but the impact I had after watching this I will make an exception.

In the video Rihanna is laying naked/exposed in a bath in a dark room. Almost like in a dream state where nothing else exists but that moment. As she Looks up for an answer she closes her eyes, trying to remember how it was. Only to open them again realizing her reality. The desperation and loneliness in her eyes says it all. The video portrays a distance between two lovers.

Maybe I’m hard to please but since the release of Umbrella I grew a little weary of her further releases. For me she came back in style with the chart topping track ‘Diamonds’ and a little further back in 2010 with I love The Way You Lie where she collaborated with Eminem.

However back to Stay and the lyrics “The reason I hold on, cause I need this hole gone. Funny you’re the broken one but I’m the only one who needs saving” expressing a strong message of a broken heart wanting to let go.

This may or may not be personal to Rihanna, but it certainly mirrors how her personal life has been of late.

Rihanna isn’t afraid to let the world know how she’s feeling and the lyrics in her latest song say it all. We all know that most songs are written from personal experiences in life. For the listener it’s about making a connection.

This track has been up and down in the UK charts for the last few weeks. However the video has caused quite a stir and not surprising either. This has given this song a new lease of life, more of a meaning. Because of this it has catapulted ‘Stay’ to the top of the UK charts. At least some things are finally working out.

Mikky Ekko ::: http://www.mikkyekko.com/

Twitter :: https://twitter.com/rihanna

Facebook :: https://www.facebook.com/rihanna

iTunes :: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/unapologetic/1163000006

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