Introducing :: Hannah Murrell ‘ESCAPE’

We’re very excited to introduce singer / songwriter :: Hannah Murrell.

Still in her teens, this young lady has had many life experiences already; including several live performances already under her belt.

Hannah’s dream is to produce music she loves, and share it with the world. The simplicity of knowing people appreciate her music and receives something from it, is also what drives her to keep on creating.

So far we love every single track we’ve heard by ‘Hannah Murrell’ and this latest release is no exception.

Recently we spoke with Hannah and asked her “What music means to you” and “How does it makes you feel” (dwfmedia)

Music plays such a huge part in our lives & is one of the best ways for us to feel connected. Music has the ability to fill our minds with memories and emotions that allow us to relive certain moments or to do the opposite and help us escape.

That is why it’s such a powerful & magical creation.” (Hannah)

From what we’ve seen Hannah loves nature, living free and simply being a FREE spirit.

When you listen to ‘ESCAPE‘ you’ll be able to experience exactly that; Escapism!

Enjoy her first ever Youtube video for the track ‘ESCAPE‘. This track has subtle hints of Asian vibes to it, powered by ethereal and mesmerizing vocals of ‘Hannah Murrell’.

Since we first heard ‘ESCAPE’ we’ve had it on repeat over and over. This track creates such a calming atmosphere, you’ll soon feel all your worries have drifted away and you’ve been carried to a special place within your soul!

If you love ‘Escape’ it’s available to download NOW:: iTunes ….

Be sure to connect via all her media formats, links below!





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