Corrina Taylor :: ‘Always Coming Back’

Totally fresh / totally brand new name on the street is ‘Corrina Taylor’. Based in Brighton, found everywhere.

Her life started out in Leicester, living in Loughborough for few years, before moving to London to pursue her career for radio and finally (so far) settling in Brighton to study her music writing course.

Think of fairy tales, happy go lucky people, rainbows and bubbles even possibly unicorns and skipping round the world you’ll get a good (should I say fab) idea how Corrina Taylor’s music and personality makes you feel, she’s the coolest kid on the block and what dreams are made of.


I get a sincere honesty feel with her social network updates and pictures etc that she shares and as you’ll see it radiates through her lyrics and latest video release.

An honest attitude produces the most honest music and take most if not all artists, a long way in this tough and sometimes cruel and challenging industry. Any problems of any nature will not be a hindrance or even a challenge for this lovely young lady, in-fact I’d say it’ll probably spur her on and give more determination for all she’s faced with on this delightful journey of hers. I know it’s not been all plain sailing for Corrina as for most of us in life, but as the saying goes “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

As Corrina, if you make music because you love it and it’s a passion you can’t describe, you’re already half way there.

“You think, that turquoise is blue, but I think that it’s green” This is the opening line for this amazingly wonderful happy honest song about life. Track ‘Always Coming Back’ by Corrina Taylor.

Who does she sound like? Well I’ve listened many times and I couldn’t help but have similar feel to early Kate Nash ( see ‘Pumpkin Soup‘ ) and Lily Allen (Air Balloon) Again I’ll say it, I never usually compare artist’s but this was my 1st thought upon hearing ‘Aways Coming Back’ so as you can imagine there’s a very exciting future ahead for Corrina and us as the audience.

Recently she brags about being in the studio again, so it seems the music will keep on flowing. I eagerly await the next track to keeping the sun smiling and the world a happy place & full of #CorrinaPost hashtags and Post It UK who by the way have recently given her some delightful gifts and recognition for her love of these colourful & useful Post-It notes.

Always Coming Back‘ is not the only track by Corrina, check out the dance track ‘City Lights‘ feat Corrina by ‘Octaynium‘ and find ‘Risk The Distance‘ on soundcloud link below.

On a serious #Postit note, the future is going to be exciting and huge for this talented artist.

Remember the name Corrina Taylor.

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