Artist Of The Month :: RIA TIMKIN ‘Energy’

Light, power, passion, empathy, love, obsession, mythical, delicacy, empowerment. What the hell we talking about you may ask?

RIA TIMKIN’S Latest release ‘ENERGY’ that’s what.

We’ve been a little behind of late and we can only apologize for this, however our latest post featuring ‘ Ria Timkin ‘ will certainly make up for it.

As you know we’re not about stats or popularity we’re interested in great music / passion and of course the artist. This is why we have no problem choosing ‘ RIA TIMKIN ‘ to be our artist of the month. ‘Ria’ came onto our radar a couple of months ago and since the release of her track ‘Energy’ (video below) she’s an instant hit with us & we’re hooked.

We feel lost in her mysteriousness and her beautifully blended sonic sound, her unique vocals slowly penetrate your mind. Her lyrics are as seductive as ‘Moulin Rouge’ during happy hour.

RIA TIMKINWhen you hear Ria just think, obsession, seduction and empowerment. We’re extremely excited for her future and can honestly stand by this quote and say “you heard it here first” already creeping through many radio stations Ria is fast becoming a name you’ll recognize and in good time you’ll hear her music commercially (maybe Ria doesn’t even realise her own potential)? We have a high belief and feeling that this young lady is truly going places, she has too.

Originally from Moscow, Bristol based ‘ Ria ‘ is following her heart and is gaining the recognition she truly deserves, via radio stations and other media outlets.

Ria is an extremely multi talented eclectic musician / artist / singer songwriter and has had quite an interesting journey so far, find out more here :: RIA TIMKIN Website) ‘ Ria ‘ is a humble young lady and her passion radiates through all she does. Also she’s tapping into a new wave of sound / style that many will love.

Her debut EP ‘VISITOR’ is available now [released July 2016].

Considering how relatively new she is in the music scene the standard of production is genuinely 10/10.

If you can while listening to ‘Energy’ try to imagine yourself in the hustle and bustle of a city with bright lights, while embracing all the sights and sounds, feeling alive like a bolt of lightning has struck you and given you super powers [almost heroic] filling you with obsession and rebellion all at the same time.

The track ‘ENERGY’ makes you aware of all the chaos in the world that sometimes chokes you within inches of your life and you come to a point where you explode; making you feel so alive that you’re suddenly the brightest light in all the darkness and people just stand and watch you with a desire to be just like that!

Check out the video below and be sure to follow all her social media (links below) to keep upto date, because trust us you don’t want to miss out on what’s to come from the future RIA TIMKIN.

RIA Twitter :: HERE

RIA Youtube :: HERE

iTunes :: HERE

RIA Website :: HERE

RIA Soundcloud :: HERE

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